“There’s no saying what mad thing you will do next,”


Thus, substantially in the month of May, we had steadily driven our antagonist from the strong positions of Dalton, Resaea, Cassville, Allatoona, and Dallas; had advanced our lines in strong, compact order from Chattanooga to Big Shanty, nearly a hundred miles of as difficult country as was ever fought over by civilized armies; and thus stood prepared to go on, anxious to fight, and confident of success as soon as the railroad communications were complete to bring forward the necessary supplies. It is now impossible to state accurately our loss of life and men in any one separate battle; for the fighting was continuous, almost daily, among trees and bushes, on ground where one could rarely see a hundred yards ahead.

“There’s no saying what mad thing you will do next,”

The aggregate loss in the several corps for the month of May is reported-as follows in the usual monthly returns sent to the Adjutant-General's office, which are, therefore, official:

“There’s no saying what mad thing you will do next,”

Casualties during the Month of May, 1864 (Major-General SHERMAN commanding).

“There’s no saying what mad thing you will do next,”

Killed and Missing. Wounded. Total. 1,863 7,436 9,299

General Joseph E. Johnston, in his "Narrative of his Military Operations," just published (March 27, 1874), gives the effective strength of his army at and about Dalton on the 1st of May, 1864 (page 302), as follows:

Infantry..................... 37,652 Artillery.................... 2,812 Cavalry...................... 2,392

Total ................... 42,856

During May, and prior to reaching Cassville, he was further reenforced (page 352)

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